As a semi-successful travel blogger I routinely survey the vast and broad social media landscape see what my friends are up to and where they’re traveling.  One friend in particular always seemed to be going fun places and having a much better time than I do on my trips.  Not only that, but this friend is a pretty significant departure from my primary demographic: she’s a girl!

I’ve realized there’s a need to diversify some of the content on the blog.  I love the miles and points stuff but even more I love stories of journeys and traveling and all that it brings.  And I still love the photography stuff too.  That said, I sat down recently and discussed things over with this particular friend and (thankfully) she said she’d like to write for the blog and tell her stories from the road.  Bearing that in mind, I’d like everyone to meet the newest contributor to the blog: Brittany!


Brittany’s based in Dallas, from where she travels frequently for work and fun.  By day she’s an IT auditor for a public accounting firm but she loves the road, including numerous trips to Europe, a study abroad trip to Valencia, Spain, way back when Pluto was a planet, and lots of time on the beach.  You can follow her on social media on Instagram at @travelsofablonde and on Snapchat at trvlsofablonde.

And now for what you really want to know: she’s Platinum with American, Platinum with Marriott/Starwood/Starriott/Marriwood, and A-List Preferred with Southwest Airlines.


In typical Andy’s Travel Blog fashion, here’s some Q&A that I imagine at least 2-3 of you are thinking:

Are you changing the name of the blog?

Nope.  It’s still going to be Andy’s Travel Blog, mainly because I’m still too lazy to think of a more creative name for it.

What will Brittany write about?

Whatever she wants!  One of the greatest gifts that helped me as a blogger was Randy Petersen telling me to always write what I want to write and the BoardingArea team would take care of the rest.  The key to a great blog is having interesting stories from interesting people, so I’ve simply asked her to tell her story however she would like.

Down the road nothing would make me happier than for her to spin off her work into her own blog and I’m happy for her to have a platform here to build an audience to take with her.

Why are you adding writers?  Are you retiring?

Haha, no, I’m not retiring.  My vision for the blog is a great place for people to read great stories and learn a little about the world.  I’m not slowing down by any means and look forward to continuing the same erratically-paced articles that you’ve come to expect.  I simply think there’s room for more people to tell their stories on this blog, so that’s why I began looking for more writers.

But wait, what if she’s more interesting than you?

Then great!  I mean don’t be a jerk and rub it in or anything but nothing would make me happier than creating a platform for great stories to be told.  If my role is to report on breaking news and/or Super Exciting Stuff like amenity kit reviews then so be it, I’ll leave the excitement for others to cover 🙂

When will she start writing?

She already has!  Stay tuned for her first post, coming this Friday!

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