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Welcome to Andy’s Travel Blog.  I’m Andy.  Regardless of how you got here, I hope you enjoy your stay.  I’m a proud member of the prior2boarding network and invite you to head over there to check out some of my colleagues.

I organize my site in a few different ways, and you might end up seeing the same article in multiple pages.

About tells you about me.  This is kind of boring, but I’ve heard I’m supposed to have an About page to make things more relatable.

Trip Reports is my index of all the fun trips I’ve taken recently.  A lot of people enjoy them.  Some have even said my trip reports are “the best trip report I’ve ever read on your site”.

Flight Reports are posts taken from my Trip Reports that focus exclusively on flights.

Hotel Reports, unsurprisingly, are posts taken from my blah blah the same as Flight Reports.

Lounge Reports, you guessed it, are lounge reports.

As I add more content in the future, you’ll be the first to know.  In the meantime, would you mind going ahead and entering CTRL+D?  You could also do Command+D on a Mac.  This will add ATB to your bookmarks, that way you won’t have to remember the name of the blog, nor my name.


Anyway, thanks for visiting Andy’s Travel Blog, enjoy your stay!


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