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Yesterday, someone plagiarized my content and stole my images for use on their site.  So hey, probably not a better time to clarify a few things for anyone out there that likes my images/words and are interested in using them on their site.

First, the images which were stolen: Continue reading

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Four steps to understanding Chase Ultimate Rewards

“I’m just starting out earning points, since my current card only earns…interest.  What’s a good card to start with?”

Oh the things you find with public domain image searches

Ok you’re probably a bit too young for this (or are you?)

I get that question a lot from friends, family, and followers.  And, of course, the answer is: it depends.  “Well that seems like a cop-out,” people say.  Ok ok, we’ll start with the basics, covering the Big Three: Chase Ultimate Rewards, American Express Membership Rewards, and Starwood Starpoints.  These are flexible point currencies that are useful with a variety of airlines and hotels.

Here are four easy steps to understand Chase Ultimate Rewards.

Continue reading

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100th Post Celebration!



“Andy!  How was your trip?!”


That didn’t really seem to cut it.  “People in passing don’t really want to hear me go on about my trip,” I thought, “so why don’t I start a blog?  I mean, how hard could it be?” Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post – Las Vegas (including free photo editing video!)


Made my way out to Vegas last weekend for BAcon14, which is and’s annual blogger conference.  Rest assured I learned a bunch, and it’s all for you.  Now, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of being in Vegas, so I got down to taking some pictures, which I’ll share with you below.  I’ve also received many questions about how I edit my photos, so I put together a 10 minute video walking you through how I edited the below picture of the strip in Adobe Lightroom 5 (click “more” to see the video!).

The Las Vegas Strip at sunrise

The Las Vegas Strip at sunrise

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One Technique That Will Change Your Travel Photos Forever

Making my first $1 million from selling travel photos was pretty tough.  Partly because it hasn’t happened yet.  So why should you listen to me?  I’m going to give you a simple technique that you won’t find anywhere else.  You won’t need a new camera to do it, or a new lens.  It’s just one question. Continue reading

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Suspected gunman in custody at PHX

A friend of mine just sent a text that there’s a gunman in custody at the American terminal at PHX and they’re looking for a second. Passengers are being moved to another terminal while they’re searching the terminal. It’s safe to say pretty much any American flight out of PHX is delayed for the moment.

UPDATE: looks like it was a robbery and high speed chase that for some reason ended up at the airport.

Everyone be safe out there!

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The BEST Camera for Travel Photography

There are massive arguments about the best camera for traveling.  Point and shoot?  DSLR?  Mirrorless?  What do those words mean anyway?

Nikon?  Canon?  Sony?  Fuji?  Olympus?  Panasonic?  Apple?

So many options…so what do you choose? Continue reading

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What I Learned About Travel From Protesting the $40 iPhone Upgrade Fee

Every 2 years something pretty cool happens: I commit to paying AT&T $2400 over the next two years.  In exchange, they give me $300 off the price of an iPhone.  Pretty dumb deal, actually, when you phrase it that way.  Anyway [shoves logic aside], I get a new iPhone every two years.  “BUT THE SAMSUNG IS BETTEI’m happy you like the Samsung, but I’m happy with my iPhone, and yes I’m going to leave that quote unfinished.

Here’s something incredibly dumb about upgrading with AT&T.  I’m committing to paying a number of dollars with a comma in it over 24 months to them, but they have a curious little charge called an “upgrade fee”.  This time around it was $40, last time it was $35.

What follows is a tale of my frustration with this fee and what we can all learn about traveling from it. Continue reading

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Picture Post: Peaceful sunrise over Dallas’s White Rock Lake


I haven’t posted in a week or so, simply because I’ve been flat out exhausted.  Saturday morning I was awake early (I’m typically a terrible sleeper so I’m usually always up) and went out to White Rock Lake in Dallas to relax and be in a quiet place for a while.  This wasn’t the most effective strategy, as White Rock Lake in Dallas quickly becomes overrun with cyclists and marathon training groups early on Saturday mornings.

But, for a few peaceful moments, I was able to grab some pictures that turned into the below.

Sunrise over White Rock Lake

I hope everyone is doing well!  Next up, I’ll be telling you about a quick weekend trip to Arizona and the famed Antelope Canyon.



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Today was a great day here at ATB. I checked my stats, and the long-awaited day has arrived: we surpassed the 100,000 lifetime views mark! This is a short post, since I’m on the road in Cusco, Peru, at the moment, but I wanted to pause and say thank you/gracias to all who have made this ride so much fun!

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