Hallstatt, Austria: Hilarious Misadventures on another Weekend Jaunt to Europe, Part III

Ah, Hallstatt.  Ever since I saw it on a Rick Steves episode I’ve loved it.  It checks off all the Quaint Mountain Lake Village boxes on the checklist:

  • It’s quaint
  • It has mountains
  • It has a lake
  • It’s a village

Ok, so it’s not the most comprehensive checklist ever, but the point is the same: Hallstatt is great.



Read on past the jump for another random tale from Slovenia and more pictures! Continue reading

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WINNER: Singapore Airlines Teddy Bear!

I enjoyed our Singapore Airlines Teddy Bear giveaway.  It was great hearing what everyone was thankful for as we enter the holiday season here in the US.

(also, on a statistical note, entering my contests gives you a much higher chance to win, since my blog isn’t as comment-heavy as other blogs)

We had 21 legit entries, so I used random.org to pick a number.


So everyone congratulate Jason!  He’s thankful for his 4 year old daughter and is convinced she’d love the teddy bear.  Here’s hoping she likes it a little longer than that!

Everyone stay tuned, we have a huge Singapore Airlines Giveaway coming soon, along with the post about the flight!

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A trip report you have to follow

My dad died from cancer when i was eight years old.  I still miss him every day all these years later.  As such, I have a soft spot for people who have great relationships with their dads, it warms my heart.  Which brings us to trip reports.

View from an airplane window

View from an airplane window

I think I write pretty good trip reports.  Instead of a fact-based “here’s what the seat looked like” and “here’s what the hotel looked like” report, I like to tell stories of things I did in the places I go.  Most of my pageviews come from trip reports, so I think most of you agree.

I want to draw special attention to a trip report in progress that isn’t mine.  Ben, from BoardingArea blog One Mile at a Time, is taking his dad on a First Class round the world trip for his “round” birthday.  Ben’s dad is a German-American with a heck of an accent and had no idea where they were going or what they were doing, he trusted Ben to plan it all out, to the degree that he pretty much showed up with a passport and suitcase and would only find out the next destination when they arrived at the airport.

Here’s a link to the post (with video) where his dad was about to find out their first destination.

Ben, keep up the great work and thanks (from all of us who can no longer do things like this for our fathers) for taking your dad on an amazing adventure.

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Lake Bled, Slovenia: Hilarious Europe Misadventures, Part II

“That’s where Dracula lived, has to be.”
“No, that’s Romania.  Lake Bled was actually really bucolic.”
“Bucolic?  The disease?”
“Ugh…[shakes head]”

That’s an actual conversation I made up about Lake Bled.  But that’s what it always sounded like to me.  I’d heard it was beautiful and picturesque, though, so it’s been on my list for a while.

Lake Bled

Lake Bled

So how did it live up to the hype? Continue reading

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Picture of the Week: Lake Bled, Slovenia

This time last week I was in Bled, Slovenia, taking pictures of its lovely lake.  There’s an unbelievably medieval feeling around the lake.  I was hoping for better weather, but I feel like the clouds actually set the mood of the shot better than any sunlight ever could.  The one part I didn’t like was the rain.  My camera (Sony a7) is allegedly weather sealed, but that allegedly bit doesn’t really bring lots of comfort.  I ended up taking this picture bent over my camera to shield it from the elements.

Lake Bled

Lake Bled

For the photographers out there, I shot this with my Sony a7 with the 28-70 (kit lens), f14 ISO 100 with a 2.0 second shutter speed.  I shot this through a hole in some trees and feel like the branches do a nice job of framing the shot.  Whenever I shoot landscape-ish shots like this, I always try to have something in the fore-, middle-, and background.  In this case the branches would be my foreground, the island the middleground, and the castle on the cliff the background.

I’m in the process of writing up my trip report from last weekend, so be sure to follow along! (part 1 was here)

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Singapore Airlines Teddy Bear giveaway ends today!

Just a friendly reminder to sign up for your chance to win a teddy bear from my recent Singapore Airlines flight!  Details are here.

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Hilarious Misadventures on another Weekend Jaunt to Europe: Planning


A month or so back there was a slight malfunction in Aeroplan’s award pricing engine (Aeroplan is Air Canada’s award program).  They have a zone-based award chart (much like American Airlines and United) in the Star Alliance.  After the big United partner devaluation, many started going to Aeroplan for premium awards.  They have reasonable rates for awards but charge fuel surcharges on most redemptions, which limits the value somewhat.

Anyway, there were reports of a glitch in the matrix award booking engine.  I dropped what I was doing (sorry about all those eggs on the floor) and ran to my computer to check for myself.

So, what caused the glitch was booking a domestic stopover on an international itinerary.  This would cause the award to book at the domestic round trip rate for whatever class you booked instead of the international rate.  Canadian Kilometers reported the mistake and had a great post covering the details, but basically it meant I could get a roundtrip coach award to Europe for 25000 miles.  Far less than 40000-60000 other carriers normally charge.

Long story short, I wanted to go back to Austria, to St. Gilgen.  I made a booking quickly, checked my vacation, and started putting a trip together.  Here’s what it was going to look like:

  • Fly to Chicago on United and stay there for a night
  • Fly Chicago to Munich on a mix of United and Lufthansa, connecting in CDG
  • Go to Austria for 3 days
  • Fly home from Munich on Lufthansa and United (all in coach)

Sounds quick I know, but that’s kind of how I do things.  In the end it would end up looking like last year’s Weekend Jaunt to Europe.  Things took an interesting turn, however, and the trip ended up taking a unique twist, and by “unique twist” I mean I changed it completely two days before I was scheduled to depart.  Somehow, everything worked out.

Here’s what the revised itinerary ended up looking like:

  • Fly Dallas to Munich on a combination of American (in Main Cabin Extra on their 777-300ER) and British Airways (coach, but a window seat with an empty middle, so basically Business Class)
  • Drive to and around Austria for a few days
  • Drive to Frankfurt
  • Fly to New York City on Singapore Airlines in Suites Class!
  • Fly home to Dallas later that night on the most depressing flight ever in Coach

So stay tuned for a great trip report, there will be some hilarious misadventures along the way!

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GIVEAWAY: Singapore Airlines Teddy Bear!

This morning I was on the best flight of my entire life.  My Singapore Suites experience was incredible, even better than my first trip in Suites, which was also very special.

The flight attendants found out I was a travel blogger (i.e. I told them I was a travel blogger, which explained all the pictures I was taking) and said sincerely (and this is a quote) “Thank you for the opportunity to make the blog of this flight your best ever.”

They did.

What they also did was give me quite a few souvenirs to give away to my readers!  We’re going to start off our giveaway with this lovely Singapore Airlines Teddy Bear (Singapore Sling not included).



So here’s how it’s going to work.  And yes, this is designed to increase my readership as well.  Leave a comment on this post (telling us something you’re thankful for as we enter the US Thanksgiving holiday) for one entry.  For another entry, go to the ATB Facebook Page and share this post on your wall.

The winner will be selected Friday, November 21 at 5pm Central Standard Time.  Good luck!

disclaimer: Singapore Airlines did not sponsor, approve, edit, or most likely even read this post.  This contest is operated by Andy’s Travel Blog and is independent of any company represented in the blog.


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So how’s my trip going?

Howdy everyone!

My most recent weekend jaunt to Europe has gone well.  Managed to hit four countries (Germany, Austria, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic) and each one of them had their own unique bits of greatness.

I’m hoping to have the trip report turned around later this week, so look forward to seeing some posts about it!

Until then, I leave you with a preview of my flight home…

Suites Selfie!

Suites Selfie!

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Picture of the Week: Autobahn Sunset

Howdy!  I tried to look up a direct translation of “howdy” into Slovenian, but it kind of broke Google, so I’ll just stick with my first language, Texan.

I’m in Bled, Slovenia, right now after a long day of flying and driving.  Tomorrow morning I’m hoping for good weather to go take pictures of Lake Bled (bucket list item for me), then it’s off to Hallstatt and St. Gilgen in Austria!

I was driving along zie autobahn this evening and was astonished by the sun setting over the Alps in the background, so I stopped to grab a picture.  So here’s your picture of the week, autobahn at sunset!

Autobahn Sunset, by Andy Luten

Autobahn Sunset, by Andy Luten

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