Photo Editing Video: Antelope Canyon

What does a photo editing video have to do with a travel blog?  More than you’d think, actually.  Part of a trip is Getting Home, and part of Getting Home is Going Through Pictures.  The better I can make you at processing your pictures the more amazing your memories of your trip will be!

Anyway, this video is about the following image:


Antelope Canyon

See below for the video, enjoy!

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Picture of the week: SO CLOSE

You gotta be kidding me

January 1 for most people brings cheers of “Happy New Year!”  At least later in the day that’s what they say.  Just after the clock strikes midnight most are probably saying something like “FDAigIGoiuhgoiuyfgyear” but at least they’re sincere about it.

For frequent flyers and the mile-obsessed among us, January 1 is the start of Status Requalification.  “Happy Ne-” “Sorry, gotta figure out whether to go for Platinum or Executive Platinum, talk to you in March” is a frequent conversation with people like us.

I haven’t really flown that much for work this year but I’ve still managed to get really close to Platinum status on American (thanks to trips to Beijing, Easter Island, and Machu Picchu).  I was in New York last week and was pretty sure when I got back I’d have enough qualifying miles to put me over the threshold.  My math was off.  By fifteen miles.  DANG IT.

By the time you’re reading this I’ll be on a flight back to New York on a flight that will get me to Platinum, I just thought it was hilarious to be this close.  What’s the closest you’ve been to a status threshold?

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I’m on a flight to Dallas and there is NOT an Ebola scare on it


Just a friendly reminder that, although it’s good to remain very vigilant, we should all tap the brakes a bit before losing sleep over the Ebola scare.

Media get paid most often by page views and honestly I don’t blame them for trying to write as much as they can with the clickbait-jest headlines possible, but at a certain point we should all put our phones and internets down and go out to live our lives the best we can.

Everyone travel safe and have a great weekend!

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Cheap fares to Europe…told you so

A330 to Europe!

A330 to Europe!

I don’t want to say I caused this (because that would be inaccurate), but remember in my How to find Cheap Flights article I told you that is a great website?

Check out the great fares to Europe they found!   Book fast!



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Four Easy Ways to Tourism Better in New York City

Typical sidewalk in New York City

Typical sidewalk in New York City

It was my first day of my first trip working at a client in New York City.  I stepped out onto the sidewalk of the Waldorf Astoria, all 240 (muscular) pounds of me.  As I looked down at my phone for an address, I was shoved aside and nearly knocked over by a crazed New Yorker.  I loudly said, “Excuse ME, pal,” to which the CNY responded “Maybe don’t stop in the middle of the bad word bad word sidewalk bad word.”

It’s been five years since that fateful morning and I’ve learned a lot about getting around in New York City.  There are plenty of How To articles regarding the City (especially the subway) that are much more thorough than this one, but I haven’t found many that will tell you what I’m about to tell you about how to get around peacefully in New York City. Continue reading

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Picture of the week: Fireworks in Dallas

This week’s picture of the week comes from Dallas, Texas.  A curious event takes place around this time every year during the annual State Fair of Texas: two universities (University of Oklahoma and University of Texas) compete in football and for some reason they infest Dallas with all of their fans.  I went to a university that dislikes both schools so I usually try to leave town for this specific weekend, but I couldn’t make it work with my schedule this year, so I was in Dallas.

As part of being a developing photographer I like putting myself in new photographic situations.  An example was last Friday night, when a buddy of mine (Brian Braun) told me they would be doing a fireworks display from Reunion Tower in Dallas.  I had never taken pictures of fireworks before, so I figured I’d go give it a shot.  The below is the result, and I found it much easier than I thought to get a good picture of the fireworks!

I put my Sony a7 on my Mefoto Globetrotter tripod and started shooting.  The below is from the grand finale. Continue reading

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How you can find cheap flights

Ahu Tongariri

Ahu Tongariri

I take many of my trips using airline miles and points.  Having said that though, I’ve been able to take some really cheap paid flights as well, some examples: $296 to London, $430 to Israel, $440 to Beijing, and $320 to Easter Island.  A friend and I also recently went to Machu Picchu for the relatively cheap price of $376.  All of those prices were for roundtrip tickets and included all taxes.  Domestically, a buddy and I went to Park City this March, in First Class, for $78 apiece!  Am I bragging?  A little.  It’s been really cool to go to so many places for so little money and I want to help you do the same thing.  These tips are for finding epic low fares, not just lower than normal ones, so only proceed if you’re ready to travel big. Continue reading

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Time-Lapse Thursday – White Rock Lake in Dallas

I’ve been trying to get better at photography and have received some really great feedback from you all (thanks Mom!).  I’m a big fan of CreativeLive, an online learning portal that has a really unique business model: they broadcast live education sessions covering a variety of topics, all for free.  If you’d like to watch it later you can purchase the course for a reasonable price.

During one of the photography courses a gentleman by the name of Ben Willmore taught us how to use Photoshop to create time-lapse videos.  Not just create them, but add a cool zooming effect (without having to purchase thousands of dollars of professional time-lapse equipment).

So here it is, my first-ever time lapse video!  It’s 150 pictures, taken 4 seconds apart.  I like it a lot and can’t wait to try this out during a work trip to New York City next week!


What do you think?



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Etihad Airways Partners: a new alliance or fancy marketing?

Etihad A340 at AUH

Early this morning my Travel News Sense started tingling (translation: I searched google).  I sensed there was something new in the world that needed blogging about, something fresh, something exciting, something in the middle east.  Sure enough, there was.  Etihad Airways announced a new airline alliance imaginatively called Etihad Airways Partners.  So is it an actual alliance or just fancy marketing? Continue reading

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Four controversial ways airlines can make coach better for everyone

No. space.

No. space.

I fly in coach fairly often.  “But Andy, aren’t you an international playboy who travels around the world on a whim in only the finest of first classes?”  I wish, friend who only speaks in italics.  Between a full-time job, an aspiring photography business (more to come), and a somewhat busy social life, I don’t travel as much as I’d like (said with tongue firmly in cheek, as I’ve been to quite a few new countries and experienced some amazing things this year).

Put simply: I fly in coach a lot.  As an experienced traveler, here’s how airlines here in the United States can make coach better for all of us. Continue reading

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