Yesterday, someone plagiarized my content and stole my images for use on their site.  So hey, probably not a better time to clarify a few things for anyone out there that likes my images/words and are interested in using them on their site.

First, the images which were stolen:

a blue sign with white text

Ok I’ll board first


a room with chairs and tables

The Private Room

To the guy who stole my stuff: first off, thanks for reading Andy’s Travel Blog.  Second, your theft was unnecessary, your post was already better than mine!  You told a wonderful story and had beautiful photography.  You’ve removed my images and changed enough of my exact text to the point that you’re probably in the clear legally, but those are still my jokes in your article, and I know that you know that I know.  Enjoy the publicity from your post, I hope your wildest dreams come true from it.

Sharing Andy’s Travel Blog pictures
To my non-copyright infringing readers, I said in my post the other day that this blog is yours, and I truly mean it.  All images posted here are under a creative commons attribution non-commercial license.  What this means is you are 100% free to use my images for non-commercial use when you credit, so by all means share my pictures, post them to your wall, tweet them, and enjoy them!  If you are ever curious about getting some printed, stay tuned, more coming on that front soon.

What if you’re interested in using them on a for-profit website or other commercial use?  Please just contact me (the name of this blog at gmail dot com) so we can discuss your idea!  I’m happy to work out a licensing arrangement that protects my work and enhances your commercial success.

If you’re ever curious about what constitutes a commercial venture, that’s the perfect time to email me so everything can be clear for everyone.

Sharing Andy’s Travel Blog text
I’m currently the only author that Andy’s Travel Blog has ever had and I own the copyright over all the text and images represented on this site.  Please do not post entire paragraphs of text and think that because you changed 2-3 words it’s not plagiarism.  While this should come across as common sense, it’s exactly what happened with a story that went incredibly viral and is now on just about any website you can imagine.

If you think something I’ve written is funny (not likely) or particularly informative (hopefully more likely) and would like to share it, the same procedures apply as for images.  You are free to use excerpts of text with proper attribution (text courtesy of as long as it is for non-commercial purposes.  If you’d like to use it on a commercial website, please contact me to discuss.

It all boils down to this: please do not take my work and represent it as your own.


I come across as aloof and handsome, but I take a tremendous amount of pride in my work and spend a sizable amount of time writing, editing, and publishing these posts for everyone.  While I hate coming across as stern, I’m legally obligated to defend my copyrighted material and will do so vigorously.

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