I posted today about the full story of the plagiarism if you want to check that out.

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Cheers to you!

I’ve said thank you to many individuals as they’ve sent me comments and emails, but I wanted to post this and thank the tens of thousands of people who support authentic content and called out Derek Low.  This has been a wonderful victory in the face of plagiarism, and it’s great knowing people are there to back up those whose works have been infringed.

This blog was mentioned and linked back by many Singapore news outlets:






It was also prominently mentioned on numerous Reddit subreddits (mini-forums), including r/singapore, r/travel, and r/business.  In every instance, people took up the cause of authentic content and fighting plagiarism.

***For those who found the blog through this story, I hope you’ll stick around for great photos, trip reports, and travel tips, either by following me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or by the using the Follow button here on WordPress.***

Again, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!  You all make all of this worth it.


Andy Luten
Author/Owner/Head Traveler
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