I’ve been trying to get better at photography and have received some really great feedback from you all (thanks Mom!).  I’m a big fan of CreativeLive, an online learning portal that has a really unique business model: they broadcast live education sessions covering a variety of topics, all for free.  If you’d like to watch it later you can purchase the course for a reasonable price.

During one of the photography courses a gentleman by the name of Ben Willmore taught us how to use Photoshop to create time-lapse videos.  Not just create them, but add a cool zooming effect (without having to purchase thousands of dollars of professional time-lapse equipment).

So here it is, my first-ever time lapse video!  It’s 150 pictures, taken 4 seconds apart.  I like it a lot and can’t wait to try this out during a work trip to New York City next week!


What do you think?



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