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You gotta be kidding me

January 1 for most people brings cheers of “Happy New Year!”  At least later in the day that’s what they say.  Just after the clock strikes midnight most are probably saying something like “FDAigIGoiuhgoiuyfgyear” but at least they’re sincere about it.

For frequent flyers and the mile-obsessed among us, January 1 is the start of Status Requalification.  “Happy Ne-” “Sorry, gotta figure out whether to go for Platinum or Executive Platinum, talk to you in March” is a frequent conversation with people like us.

I haven’t really flown that much for work this year but I’ve still managed to get really close to Platinum status on American (thanks to trips to Beijing, Easter Island, and Machu Picchu).  I was in New York last week and was pretty sure when I got back I’d have enough qualifying miles to put me over the threshold.  My math was off.  By fifteen miles.  DANG IT.

By the time you’re reading this I’ll be on a flight back to New York on a flight that will get me to Platinum, I just thought it was hilarious to be this close.  What’s the closest you’ve been to a status threshold?

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