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I love Air New Zealand.  I flew them last summer in coach on a super long-haul from Los Angeles to Auckland and really enjoyed my experience.

Air New Zealand is a quirky airline that has friendly service and a modern long-haul fleet.  They’re also known for their quirky flight safety videos.  As part of a new campaign, they invited one of my favorite photographers, Trey Ratcliff, to participate.  Trey’s an American who moved to Queenstown a couple of years ago and is known for his landscape and HDR photography.

Anyway, Trey posted a video on his site talking about the shoot (which features Air NZ flight attendants in Hobbiton).  It’s a great video if you’re into photography, but there are also a few great moments from the flight attendants talking about where they fly and what they want everyone to know about Air New Zealand and New Zealand in general.

Anyway, here’s the link, hope you enjoy it!  It really took me back to one of my favorite countries in the world and reminded me that I need to get back there very soon.

Everyone have a great weekend!  I’m off for another weekend jaunt to Europe, so I’ll talk to you from the road!


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