This morning I was on the best flight of my entire life.  My Singapore Suites experience was incredible, even better than my first trip in Suites, which was also very special.

The flight attendants found out I was a travel blogger (i.e. I told them I was a travel blogger, which explained all the pictures I was taking) and said sincerely (and this is a quote) “Thank you for the opportunity to make the blog of this flight your best ever.”

They did.

What they also did was give me quite a few souvenirs to give away to my readers!  We’re going to start off our giveaway with this lovely Singapore Airlines Teddy Bear (Singapore Sling not included).

a teddy bear and a drink


So here’s how it’s going to work.  And yes, this is designed to increase my readership as well.  Leave a comment on this post (telling us something you’re thankful for as we enter the US Thanksgiving holiday) for one entry.  For another entry, go to the ATB Facebook Page and share this post on your wall.

The winner will be selected Friday, November 21 at 5pm Central Standard Time.  Good luck!

disclaimer: Singapore Airlines did not sponsor, approve, edit, or most likely even read this post.  This contest is operated by Andy’s Travel Blog and is independent of any company represented in the blog.


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