This time last week I was in Bled, Slovenia, taking pictures of its lovely lake.  There’s an unbelievably medieval feeling around the lake.  I was hoping for better weather, but I feel like the clouds actually set the mood of the shot better than any sunlight ever could.  The one part I didn’t like was the rain.  My camera (Sony a7) is allegedly weather sealed, but that allegedly bit doesn’t really bring lots of comfort.  I ended up taking this picture bent over my camera to shield it from the elements.

Lake Bled

Lake Bled

For the photographers out there, I shot this with my Sony a7 with the 28-70 (kit lens), f14 ISO 100 with a 2.0 second shutter speed.  I shot this through a hole in some trees and feel like the branches do a nice job of framing the shot.  Whenever I shoot landscape-ish shots like this, I always try to have something in the fore-, middle-, and background.  In this case the branches would be my foreground, the island the middleground, and the castle on the cliff the background.

I’m in the process of writing up my trip report from last weekend, so be sure to follow along! (part 1 was here)


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