This was just forwarded to me by a reader.  When he was looking into making a booking at a Las Vegas casino in the Mlife program, he expected a few options to show up for his stay when picking his room (at the Bellagio in this example).  He did not expect to see this many options:


Moar options!

Looks like this is the master list of everything that can be tagged to your reservation that for some reason the website is displaying.  Some of my favorites:

  • Waive Resort Fee – they absolutely can waive these fees it seems
  • Penthouse with Limo
  • JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley rates
  • Crystal level?!  That level doesn’t exist on the Mlife tiers page

The page fixes itself after about 10 seconds, and yes I tried to click a few options quickly and then click Book Now, but it didn’t work.  Just something interesting for everyone out there.


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