I’m in Austin this weekend.  One of my best friends in the world lives here and it had been forever since I’d seen him, plus some friends are competing in a CrossFit competition, so I made the 3 hour drive down.

I’m staying at a Hyatt Place here, and dang it if they’re not excellent.  I’m (gasp!) spending my own money on this hotel stay and feel like I’m getting a great value for it.

Anyway, I went out shooting yesterday morning as some rainclouds were rolling in, which to me said I needed to make some gritty, desaturated-looking shots.  So I did!

This is the Austin skyline from Auditorium Shores park off the Colorado River.

austin texas

Austin Skyline

For the photographers

This was a 15 second exposure shot at f20, ISO 100.  Only reason I went to f20 is to slow the shutter speed down enough so the water would smooth out without me having to bust out my ND filter and do a 15-minute exposure.

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