I sat there the other days when my eyes drifted to my love.  Words needn’t be spoken.  I listened for one final breath and then it happened…silence.  Gone.

So I put a new battery in my Bose QC15 Noise-Cancelling headphones and cranked my music back up.

bose qc15 review

Bose QC15 headphones

I love my QC15s.  I wear them on every flight and frequently find myself wearing them at home.  They’re not cheap, usually between $250-300, but occasionally you’ll see them cheaper (around the holidays usually).

bose qc15 review


How do they work?  Pretty simple.  When you turn them on, they take a reading of the ambient noise in the area.  They’ll then digitally distinguish what is noise versus what is legitimate noise that you want to hear.  To counteract the ambient noise they broadcast a counter-noise that is outside the range of human hearing but minimizes/”cancels” the ambient noise out.

The short version of the above: turn headphones on, get great sound.

There’s really not much more to say, you need to try these things out and buy a pair if you have the dough for it.  They will make every flight better.  (I have the limited edition blue ones, most will have a silver finish)

bose qc15 review

I got the blue pair of headphones

bose qc15 review

Side view

Any questions about them? Leave  in the comments below!


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