We’re expecting a few days of heavy rain in Dallas (called a “frog strangler” in Texas slang).  Last night I looked up from my office and realized there were some low clouds that were turning quite colorful.  I didn’t have much time but grabbed my cameras, texted a friend, and we met out at one of my favorite sunset spots in Dallas: White Rock Lake.

I picked the meeting spot based on where I knew the sun would be setting and where I thought the colors would be most “explosive”.  Unfortunately I hit a ton of traffic and missed the actual sunset, but that was ok, I thought.  When we arrived at my spot, my original view just wasn’t that good.  I was kind of bummed but had already drug my equipment out there so I tried to find another composition that would make for a good photo.

Wouldn’t you believe it that just to the left of my original planned view were some amazing colors?  I shot a video to help explain it, but I was reminded of an important lesson last night: do not focus so much on what you think should happen that you miss what is happening.  Here’s the video (it’s a bit shaky and oddly zoomed on my face, sorry)!

And here’s the final image:

Dallas Sunset

Dallas Sunset

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