Welcome to part 2 of this quick 3-part re-review of the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek.  In Part 1, we took a look at the amazing Mt. Lincoln Suite that we were miraculously upgraded to.

This time, why not take another look around the property? (again, comparing to literally the same weekend a year ago when I was here with my mom)

Just outside of our room was the foyer which led to Beaver Creek Village.  The wood accents all over the place were gorgeous and added to the ski lodge and/or mountain cabin sort of feel.

a chandelier in a building

One of the chandaliers. Or I guess you could call it an antlerlier?

As you walked down further into the foyer you saw one of the numerous pieces of artwork that were appropriate to the feel of the hotel.

a chandelier from the ceiling of a building

Looking up

I made my way outside to get some pictures around Beaver Creek Village.  Why does the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek charge as much as it does?  It’s literally in the best location in Beaver Creek, that’s why!

a large building with snow on the roof

The Park Hyatt Beaver Creek

You can totally see our room, by the way, remember the view from the window from the previous post?

a building with snow on the roof

Morning view (through a screen)

Anyway, the Village was pretty quiet because it was early in the morning but mainly because there just aren’t that many people at Beaver Creek yet (the mountain opens for skiing the week of Thanksgiving).  But there were some birds flying out and about, so I threw on my telephoto lens and tried some wildlife photography.

a bird sitting on a railing


I made my way up the escalators on the side of the hotel to the side of the facility that faces the ski slopes.  There are great statues everywhere in Beaver Creek and the Park Hyatt was no exception.  One of the most prominent features of this side of the hotel is the big firepit where the have the S’mores Happy Hour every day during ski season.  During shoulder season they still start a fire but you’ll need to go and request a S’mores Kit from the bar next to the firepit.

a statue of a deer in front of a fire pit

Reindeer guarding the fire pit

Later that night I sat down to make a S’more and, realizing I was the only one at the pit, decided to put my tripod in there with me and ended up with an absolutely epic shot!

a fire pit with a large building in the background

Fire Pit

The grounds of the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek are lovely.  They’re nearing the end of a renovation project of Antler Hall, the main foyer, which should be done soon.  Park Hyatt properties are known for staying “on theme” and this is no exception.  Everywhere in the hotel fits with everywhere else in the hotel, which had to be hard to pull off.

So we’ve covered the suite we stayed in and the grounds of the hotel, what about breakfast?  Would you believe it if I told you it was one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had?  Yes?  Ok, well stay tuned then, post coming in the next day or two!

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