I really enjoy Silvercar.  It’s a premium product at what I believe is a fair price for what you get.  The company uses technology to enhance the experience of renting a car and bigger car rental companies would do well to learn from them.

(note: I’m not sponsored or endorsed in any way by Silvercar.  I would absolutely LOVE to be sponsored or endorsed by Silvercar, for the record…)

a car parked on a dirt road

Audi A4 at Monument Valley

They are slowly expanding their network of cities, and news broke yesterday of a HUGE new location for Silvercar: Las Vegas!

Reservations are live for rentals beginning January 4.  If it’s your first time renting with them, Gary Leff suggests using code ELEVATE75 for $75 off your first rental of 2 days or more or, if you’ve previously rented, ELEVATE15 for 15% off your rental.

Silvercar’s value proposition is as follows:

  • They rent one type of car: a Silver Audi a4
  • Free GPS
  • Free wifi
  • Free satellite radio
  • Unlimited mileage
  • You pay actual tolls
  • The best part is dropping off your car: they charge a $5 refueling fee and then market rate for gasoline

I’ve even made a video of what it’s like renting a Silvercar at the Denver location below, check it out!

Again, Silvercar will probably not be the cheapest rental out there, but for my money the experience is pretty tough to beat.

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