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Cathay Pacific has long been known for some wonderful lounges at Hong Kong International Airport.  They have nice amenities, lots of amazing food, and creatively-designed spaces.  The Wing, a First Class Lounge, has long been considered one of the aspirational lounges in the world, mainly for its private cabanas (which are great).  Recently, though, Cathay Pacific re-opened the First Class side of The Pier (Business Class will follow in 2016).  I’d read great things so decided to pay it a visit for a Cathay Pacific Pier review!

The lounge is located at Gate 63 at HKG.  If you’re using the First Class check-in area, you should take the quick train ride over to the 60-80 gates.  Like many of the lounges at HKG, there’s signage at the gate level and the actual lounge is below (you can either take an escalator or elevator).

a sign with a logo on it

The Pier signage

a sign on a wall

Entry escalator

I saw the wood-paneled logo behind the check-in desk and realized that this lounge was going to have a completely different feel to it than The Wing.

a metal object on a wood surface

Wooden logo

After the check-in desk I found myself in a long, carpeted hallway with enormous wooden tables (with cool light fixtures) and a serpentine couch.  The marble walls complemented the carpet and decor very well.

a room with chairs and a table

Long hallway

a wooden table with a bowl and potted plants

Wooden table and light fixture

The services available in The Pier are pretty solid: foot massages, private day rooms (with exclusive views of the tarmac), and a fantastic dining room with catering by The Peninsula hotel group, just like at The Wing.

I went over to the foot massage area, having never had an actual foot massage before.

a menu on a table

Foot massage menu

I was handed a pager and hung around the lounge for a bit before being called into the foot massage area.

a room with a leather couch and a lamp

Foot massage booth

There were four or five different foot massage booths available during the crowded times, but that day I think there was only masseuse (the lounge wasn’t too busy).

a basket of towels and a basket of towels

Foot massage stuff

The foot massage was…interesting.  She used a little wooden block to really dig into my actual bones my feet and work out soreness or stress or something.  She alternated between a little bit of pressure and WHOA PRESSURE I CAN’T ACTUALLY SEE ANYTHING BUT STARS RIGHT NOW and kind of giggled when I said ow.  I will say, though, that at the end of the massage my feet felt great.

I made my way towards the dining room but first stopped at The Pantry, which had some coolers of soft drinks and beer then a big table full of myriad fruits, pastries, and desserts.

a plate of fruit tarts


a close up of food

Pastries at The Pantry

From the Pantry I made my over to the Dining Room, which was beautifully decorated in wood paneling and dark green leather seating.  It almost seemed like a 1970’s smoker’s lounge but it totally worked.  Everything was on theme and very tasteful, not gaudy at all (kind of like the comparison I made between the Qatar A380 First Class and Etihad/Emirates and their showers on the A380s).

I had a glass of champagne with my lunch and a small meal of a beautiful salmon dish and a chocolate mousse and cream dessert.

a glass of champagne on a table


a plate of food on a table

Salmon entree

a plate with food on it

Mousse/cream dessert (it looks kind of weird but it was delicious)

After I ate, I walked down the long hallway again to the other side of the lounge where they had the main bar area along with a wide variety and style of seating areas.  The seating areas weren’t designed to cram as many people as possible into a space but be comfortable for small groups.  (I didn’t get any great pictures of this space, I’m planning a return visit though so don’t worry)

a man sitting at a bar

Main Bar

This place is amazing

If you’re traveling in First Class or are a Oneworld Emerald, you need to visit this lounge.  It’s one of the best lounges in the world.  I’m going back soon and look forward to checking out the day rooms and getting some better pictures of the main seating areas, but honestly I actually want to contact Cathay and be able to bring in a tripod and some lighting gear, few lounges make me want to do that!  I could’ve stayed and just shot detail images for days.

a bathroom with sinks and a mirror


a close up of a wood table

Wooden table detail

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