Well that’s the big news.  I’m relocating to Singapore with my current company in the next couple of months.  It’s kind of crazy and I really never imagined making a move like this as a single guy, but I’m excited nonetheless (amidst a good bit of nervousness).

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands

What I’m excited about

  • Travel – Singapore is pretty much the heart of Southeast Asia.  There are countless low-cost airlines that ferry people all around Asia for relatively little money.  I’ll have opportunities to go visit places like Bali and Borneo, which have been on my bucket list for a long time!
  • Photography – As you’ve hopefully enjoyed over the past few days, Singapore features some devastatingly beautiful architecture.  I’m looking forward to stepping up my photography game with some beautiful buildings and creations as subject matter.
  • Food – Singapore is a food city.  Food is relatively cheap there and you can find almost any variety of food you want.  The only caveat to that excitement is I’m trying to lose some weight right now so hopefully I’ll be able to find enough of my typical diet items to prevent me from putting on a few kilos!
  • People – I won’t use the term “melting pot” but Singapore is basically a city of buildings with an incredibly multicultural feel, and everyone seems to get along.  I admire the spirit of coexistence with those who believe differently and look forward to being in that environment (Texas gets a little homogeneous sometimes…)
  • Blog topics – I can’t wait to tell all of you about the amazing destinations in Asia.  I’m not going to lose the US-centric nature of the blog but instead will add an Asian feel to it.

What I’m nervous about

  • The HEAT Singapore is hot and humid pretty much the entire year.  Yeah yeah I know I live in Texas, but I have a car here and don’t actually spend that much time outside.  I won’t have a car in Singapore and will be walking quite a bit more.  Sure, walking more isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I sweat a lot!  With my new corporate dress code I’ll run through dress shirts much faster, although there are some cool shirt companies that may help with that.
  • Moving here alone – Probably a little more personal than I typically share on the blog, but I’d make a move like this in a heartbeat with a wife.  Preparing to make the move alone in my early 30’s has been a little tougher than I expected, if I’m honest.  It feels kind of like moving off to college/university, I’ll need to go out and make friends and all that.
  • Time difference – Singapore is 14 hours ahead of my hometown of Dallas, Texas.  With things like FaceTime and Whatsapp, it’s easier than ever to keep up with friends and family back home.  I think it’ll just take a bit of time to adjust to the idea that most of my waking hours will be when my community back home is asleep and vice versa.


So here’s to the spirit of adventure, the spirit of risk-taking, and plenty of new material for the blog!


What are your top tips for Singapore?  Where should I go first once I arrive?  What destinations around SE Asia should I visit?


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