[disclaimer: I received no compensation for this review.  Looptworks simply sent me a bag which I sent back this morning.  It is as fair and unbiased as I know how to be.]

A few weeks ago a friend of mine who works in the fashion business sent me a link to a company called Looptworks.  Looptworks manufactures leather and fabric goods using leftover or used materials from large companies in a concept they call “upcycling”.  For example, their current limited edition Carry-On Collection is made out of seat backs from Alaska Airlines seats.


Looptworks Carry-On Messenger Bag

I contacted the nice folks over at Looptworks and asked if I could try out a bag from the Carry-On collection for a review on the blog.  They were happy to send one over and I’ve had it with me for the past few weeks.

The messenger bag is pretty standard, as far as messenger bags go, with a few pockets inside and some magnetic buttons to keep everything shut.  What sets it apart is the unique story behind the bag, which I had the opportunity to share quite often as the bag attracted a lot of attention, especially from the flight crews on our flights!


Looptworks brand

My trial period with the bag was absolutely wonderful and I enjoyed the bag.  My one wish was that it was a bit wider, but I’m pretty unique in that I carry around a fairly large camera with me with an extra lens or two most days.

I think my friend and I covered all of our thoughts in the video, but overall I think it’s a fantastic bag from a great company with a really cool concept.  If you’re an airline geek like I am then this bag is really hard to beat!

The Details

Manufacturer: Looptworks

Product: Carry-On Messenger Bag

Price: $230

Brick capacity: 5-10

Was I just actually serious about putting bricks in the bag: No

Would I buy it: Yes!

Will I buy it: it’s in the running, I may buy another bag that is a little better suited for me as a photographer

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