American Airlines is devaluing your AAdvantage miles, effective midnight tonight.  If you have been looking for any mileage redemptions (especially for premium cabins on oneworld partners), book them today.

american airlines 787 review

American Airlines 787

I covered the new award chart when it was first announced in November.  The changes are really bad for premium cabin awards, especially because American is making it much harder to earn miles later this year when they switch to a revenue-based earning model, which they very proudly called “innovative” even though they literally copy+pasted Delta and United’s earning model to the letter.

Basically it seems as if American management has decided to run an experiment to see how simultaneously making miles worth less and harder to earn will affect customer loyalty.

So count this as your reminder: if you have any award travel you’d like to book, especially for travel in premium cabins, book today!


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