Just south of Dallas is a little town called Ennis.  Ennis is famous for probably a few things (there’s a Whataburger I stop at on my way down to college football games) but it’s probably most well-known for its bluebonnet trails.  Roads wind through the rolling hills around the small town along I-45 with fields of bluebonnets dotting the landscape.  After last week’s pictures of the week I thought you could use some more bluebonnets, so here’s a shot of a beautiful Texas sunset over a sea of bluebonnets!

a field of flowers with trees in the background

Texas Bluebonnets

For the photographers: This was a pretty easy shot, I put my 70-200 on my a7rII to compress the background and foreground a little bit and fired off a few shots from way down low, using the out of focus indian paintbrushes to break up the blue a little bit.  I processed the image like usual, Lightroom into Photoshop into Color Efex Pro 4.  I shot this at f11 and the exposure time was around 1/4 of a second.

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