[disclaimer: Bluffworks sent me two pair of pants to test and keep. They have not reviewed, edited, approved, or otherwise endorsed the content of this review and any opinions are my own.]


From time to time I’ll review some travel products here on the blog.  Now, I try to only review things that are high-quality and directly applicable to me as a traveler, not just anything that comes along.  Anyway, one day a company reached out to me and indicated they made the best travel pants.  In the world.


For some background, I have a pair of jeans that is the most comfortable thing ever.  I lift weights a lot, and am slightly overweight, so normal pants don’t fit around my thighs very well.  These jeans are perfect (they’re made by a company called Barbell Apparel), they fit well, have held up decently well, and are great on the road.  In fact, most of my leisure mileage running trips are so fast that I don’t bring any other pants!

Enter a company called Bluffworks

Bluffworks is a company based in New York City that makes some wonderful travel pants.  Their founder was working at a software company and got frustrated because he couldn’t find the right set of pants to not only keep up with him on his adventures but also look fashionable and sporty when needed.  He went to Kickstarter and found success and now runs a thriving company producing what he calls the best travel pants in the world.

bluffworks review

Your faithful blogger modeling some Bluffworks Relaxed Fit pants

When I went to their website to pick out some pants I was nervous about how they would fit, simply because like every other website they tend to use skinny models, but nevertheless ordered a pair of the Relaxed Fit pants and a pair of Chinos.  They arrived very quickly to my international blog headquarters apartment.  I unpacked them and they’re definitely stylish and very comfortable.

It all gave me an idea.  In order to do a Bluffworks review properly I needed to go on a trip with them and…..leave my Barbell jeans behind.  Check out the video below for part I of my journey.

Stay tuned for part II coming soon!

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What do you think?  What is your favorite pair of travel pants?


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