Part of being a blogger in the miles and points space is have a roster of good trip reports.  While I’d say I flew these flights so I could offer a more thorough analysis and comparison of the various airlines, honestly I really just wanted to fly in really nice cabins and drink lots of champagne!

That said, I want to tell you about some of my favorite flights, for those of you who may be new to Andy’s Travel Blog.

5. Etihad A380 First Class Apartment LHR-AUH

Last November I went on a pretty epic Round the World trip to burn through some American Airlines miles before they were devalued last month.  One of the flights from that trip was in Etihad’s new A380 First Class Apartments cabin.

a bed with a pillow and a white blanket

I even put together a video of the experience:

4. Lufthansa 747-400 First Class ORD-FRA

I’m so happy I got to fly this Lufthansa First Class product.  On certain 747s they have a First configuration on the upper deck where each seat has its own bed next to the seat.  There’s nothing quite like boarding the Queen of the Skies and walking upstairs to your own seat and bed, it felt like a private flight! (sorry for the hideous watermark!)

a tv on the wall of an airplane

Lufthansa First Class

3. Qatar Airways A380 First Class DOH-BKK

As part of my Round the World trip last November I got to fly the exquisite Qatar Airways A380 in First.  This is the most surprising flight I’ve ever taken, I was blown away by the service and especially the plane itself!  I had so much fun on this flight at the onboard bar and still actually keep up with two people I met there!

a bar with a circular light fixture

Qatar A380 Bar

2. Cathay Pacific 747-400 First Class HKG-SFO

There’s just something about a 747 that I love.  Also, I love Cathay Pacific!  Their blend of a nice cabin and spotless service is always perfect for me.  This flight was made even more special as I was sitting in seat 1A at the very front of the lower level on the 747!  This meant I was actually sitting in front of the pilots up above me!  A few months after this flight Cathay Pacific announced they would no longer fly the 747 to the United States, I was so lucky to fly it when I did.  I’ve also flown Cathay Pacific a few other times and have enjoyed every flight with them!

a purple and yellow flower in a vase next to a window

Gorgeous sky

1. Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Class FRA-JFK

Back in October 2013 there was a punk who stole some pictures and images from my first Singapore Suites trip report on his mega-viral Singapore Suites story.  To get him back, I flew it again with the aim to produce the best and most thorough trip report of the Singapore Suites experience.  Although the cabin is almost 10 years old now, it remains one of the most impressive cabins in the sky and the service is absolutely unbeatable.

a man lying on a bed with his arms out

All the space in the world!


Want to see the rest of my trip reports?  Just head over to your local neighborhood Trip Reports page.

Which of these reports was your favorite?  What’s your favorite flight?

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