[disclaimer: Bluffworks sent me two pair of pants to test and keep. They have not reviewed, edited, approved, or otherwise endorsed the content of this review and any opinions are my own.]

I’ll admit, I was breathing pretty heavily.  Walking up hundreds of stairs will do that to you.  Especially carrying about 20 pounds of camera gear on your back.  It was kind of nuts to me that I only had six hours until my flight, because that meant about an hour of hiking and a fairly hefty drive back to an airport notorious for delays at security (I’d end up being the last person to make the flight).  What was I doing there?  Besides taking pictures?  Well, I was completing the most thorough product test of my blogging career: testing the Bluffworks travel pants.

Here is part I, where we saw the “bluffs” take on some overnight camping at O’Hare Airport, American Airlines’s longest flight…in coach, and random older men yelling MORNING at me at Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong.

What would part II bring?  Check out the video below!

I hope you enjoyed the videos!  I had a lot of fun putting them together.  If you’ve read this far, maybe you can read a little further.  I contacted my buddies at Bluffworks and asked if they had a discount code I could shoot out to everyone and they were happy to oblige.

Use discount code BLUFFANDY for 15% off your order!  The discount code will expire Sunday night, so hurry over to www.bluffworks.com and pick up some of the best travel pants in the world!

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Me trying to look majestic

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