Good morning everyone!  Sorry for the late PotW, I’ve been fighting jetlag (and losing) all weekend.  I’m back in Dallas after a relatively exhausting two-week business trip to Asia.  I didn’t have as many opportunities to take pictures as I would’ve hoped but I suppose it was a business trip and not a photography trip, so that probably was expected.

I had a free day in Singapore (during which I filmed a little tour for my readers/viewers to show you some of the sights and give you a little background about Singapore, go check it out if you haven’t!) over the weekend and, at the recommendation of a buddy of mine, went out to Marina East to shoot the sunset and get a great look at the Singapore skyline.  Aside from a sudden and massive rain shower, the clouds in the sky cast a really cool view of Singapore!

I ended up with two pictures: the one I’ll show you below and then a massive panorama, to which I’ll provide a link since the file size is so big (approx. 31MB).  Enjoy!

Singapore Skyline

Singapore Skyline

Here’s the link to the panorama (the picture above represents only about a third of the scene!), it’s a 31MB file, please be aware before you check it out: link to panorama

For the photographers: these were relatively easy to shoot and process, I didn’t deviate very much from my usual workflow (you can see a demo of my current workflow here).  The panorama was shot handheld on my Sony a6300 while my a7rII was shooting the above image.  The key thing to remember when you’re handholding a series of images for a panorama is to put the camera into Manual mode to ensure the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO are consistent across all of your shots.  Someday soon I’ll get a pano head for my tripod, but I need to save up some pennies first since I’m a fan of the Really Right Stuff pano heads and them things aren’t cheap!


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