Picture of the Week is back!  Yesterday I did a day trip from Dallas to the top of Angel’s Landing at Zion National Park.  For most people that’s not exactly a day trip but I’m an idiot and thought I could do it!  Thankfully I made it up and back safely and made my redeye flight back to Dallas with literally minutes to spare.

This picture will look similar to one that I shared from last year’s hike, but I’m still proud of it!  Last year I was going probably out of my station a bit in attempting the hike, I was out of shape and had a few beers at a buddy’s wedding in Vegas the night before.  This year the hike was still difficult but I made it up the trail in much better condition than last time.

Anyway, here it is, the summit of Angel’s Landing looking south at Zion Canyon!

a canyon with trees and a river with Zion National Park in the background

Angel’s Landing 2016

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