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American Airlines has made a great and wonderful move.  They are now offering all of their in-flight entertainment for free!  Per the press release from American:

American Airlines is continuing to elevate the customer experience by adding complimentary premium movies, TV shows, music and games in the Main Cabin on all domestic flights offering seatback entertainment systems or Wi-Fi. Beginning this month, customers will have unrestricted access to the best and largest content library among the U.S. carriers from their own device or seatback entertainment systems.

American Airlines 757-200

American Airlines 757-200

Bravo to the airline for making a move like this.  Now, not every airline type will have the premium in-flight entertainment options, it’s mainly referring to the new Airbus A319s and A321s in the fleet (as well as some 737s).  Still no news on when the legacy US Airways Airbus 321s will be refurbished but they definitely do not have in-flight entertainment.  I published a post a few months ago telling you how to tell which type of jet you’ll be on here.

I’ve been pretty tough on American lately and only feel that it’s fair to be just as complimentary when they do something great for customers.  American’s new in-flight entertainment library is exhaustive and features literally hundreds of movies, TV shows, and CDs that span a variety of interests and tastes, having access to all of it for free on domestic flights is a welcomed enhancement that will greatly improve the customer experience.

Bravo, American!

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