Casey Neistat is one of the most popular “YouTubers” out there right now.  The longtime filmmaker, whose many viral videos prompted me to follow him years ago, began a daily “vlog” last year and has since seen his popularity skyrocket.  “Vlog” is a bit of a new media term, but he basically makes a movie every day about his life and what he’s up to, involving his family, his job, and his work.

If you’ve never seen his work, here are two videos that I think represent his style very well, equal parts adventure and public advocacy.

Neistat was recently heading to Australia for a speaking engagement aboard an Emirates A380.  Emirates is one of the A380 First Class cabins I would love to fly someday even though it’s a bit “blingy” for my tastes (I’ve previously flown in A380 First Class aboard Etihad, Qatar, Qantas, and Singapore Airlines if you want to check out my reviews).  As a blogger primarily known for my trip reports as well as someone who is trying hard to learn how to make better videos I was eager to see how Neistat would tell the story of what no doubt were some amazing flights.  Emirates were smart enough to see the social media response after his Business Class video and upgraded him to First Class, predictably an incredible video and massive social media response was the result.

Having shot and edited some (admittedly pretty rough) videos myself I know how much work it takes, even while enjoying such a cool experience as a top-tier premium cabin.  So, whether you love him or hate him (I don’t get how he’s so polarizing) I hope you’ll enjoy an amazing filmmaker’s take on Emirates in Business and First Class on their A380.

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