Let’s take a look at my favorite airline food over the years!  Most of these are pulled from my Flight Reviews archive, so be sure to check that out for reports of some amazing flights!

Starter: Cathay Pacific Caviar

Artfully presented in a chilled can, with a mother of pearl spoon, and a variety of sides in little plates on the side, it’s a wonderful experience.

cathay pacific first class

Caviar service

This hummus service from Qatar Airways on their A350 in Business Class was a very close second.

qatar airways business class review

Action shot of some hummusing

Bread: American Airlines Pretzel Roll

For all the grief I give American, I have to give them props where it’s due: their pretzel roll is consistently amazing!

american airlines food pictures

Pretzel Roll

Entree: Etihad Steak

It’s rare to get a perfectly cooked steak aboard an aircraft, which is what made this steak from my Etihad First Class Apartment flight so special.



Dessert: Singapore Airlines Raspberry Tiramisu

It was hard to find words appropriate to describe how amazing this was back in April 2013 and it’s still just as hard today.  One of my favorite things I’ve ever eaten, on the ground or in the air.

Just look at it, so beautiful

Just look at it, so beautiful


Which picture is your favorite?  What’s your favorite airline food?



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