It’s time for another picture of the week!  Sorry for slacking for a couple of weeks but I’m back with a doozy to make up for it.

The Margaret Hill Hunt Bridge (designed by Santiago Calatrava) is a beautiful, 400-foot bridge which runs from downtown Dallas into the newly-renovated Trinity Groves area.  Completed in 2012 it quickly became an iconic part of the Dallas skyline.  It’s even been in many of my previous pictures of the week!

I wanted to get a unique perspective for this picture so I (illegally) walked in the shoulder of the roadway right next to the first connection point for the suspension wires.  I love how your eye naturally focuses on that wire, drawing your eye all the way up to the arch and subsequent Dallas skyline!

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

For the photographers: I shot this using my Sony a7rII and a Canon 17mm tilt shift lens (via a Fotodiox adapter).  Without the tilt shift lens this shot would’ve been nearly impossible, so I was glad to have it.  The light trails on the right are a combination of 4 different shots as cars drove by, and then I followed the rest of my normal post-processing workflow like usual.  Let me know if you have any questions!


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