Singapore has an interesting reputation.  It’s safe, politically stable, and everyone seems to get along despite being a melting pot of so many different cultures.  It boasts some of the best architecture in the entire world and its skyline boasts numerous noteworthy skyscrapers.  But there are some negatives too: some say that the culture errs on the side of non-offensive to such a degree that it’s almost boring at times.  Others say that whereas a city like Hong Kong is modern yet very much Asian, Singapore could be dropped anywhere in the world an no one would really notice.  Plus it’s massively humid for pretty much the entire year, sitting just 80 miles north of the equator.  Having spent quite a bit of time in Singapore this year I managed to snag some wonderful images, let’s run through my five favorites!

Actually, before we get into the pictures, here’s a little video I put together last time I was in Singapore showing you some of the sights around the city.

Singapore Skyline – Marina Bay

a city skyline with lights reflecting on water

Like I said, Singapore’s skyline is stunning and beautiful, which you can see here.  The great variety of buildings and heights always seems to give you something to look at.  As you can see from the office lights that are on in the buildings, it seems like everyone is always working in the downtown core.

Supertrees – Gardens by the Bay

a group of trees with a bridge and a walkway

Behind the Marina Bay Sands is an enormous public park called Gardens by the Bay.  The Gardens feature indoor horticulture exhibits, a food stall center, and the Supertrees.  These odd towers are absolutely MASSIVE (the center one in the picture above is 150 feet tall and has a restaurant at the top!).  They light up and, of course, there’s a light show every night.  The Gardens are a nice respite from the noise of Singapore and are easily accessible via public transit.  It’s an absolute must-see location in Singapore.

Butterfly Garden – Changi Airport

a butterfly on a pineapple slice

Singapore’s Changi Airport kind of has everything in it: a movie theater, swimming pool, shopping mall, butterfly garden, etc.  Wait, butterfly garden?!  Yep.  Hosting over 1000 butterflies, they butterfly garden is open 24 hours a day and is a wonderful little area to pass some time.  A small word of caution though: if you want to bring in a bigger camera, be prepared for the lens to fog over from being in the very cold airport terminal and going into Singapore’s legendary humidity.

Marina Bay Sands Light Show

Marina Bay Sands skyline with lights and a body of water

The Marina Bay Sands is one of the most recognizable parts of Singapore despite being less than 10 years old.  Every night there is a light and laser show from the top of the hotel/casino, and I managed to put some longer exposures together to capture what it felt like.

My Favorite – The Core

a city skyline with tall buildings

This picture was taken from the very top of the massive Supertree I mentioned earlier (they have a skydeck on top of the restaurant which you can go up to, at a cost of course).  In this picture you really get a full view of the downtown core of Singapore.  In the foreground to the left you’ll see the glass domes of one of the indoor horticulture exhibits at Gardens by the Bay and some green space behind it.  The Marina Bay Sands needs no introduction but you can also see some of the convention center and theater space around it as well.  In the background Singapore’s downtown core is just as stark and dramatic as it was in the picture above.  All in all though I think I like this picture because of the sky.  It was such a dramatic sunset and the clouds really locked it in for me.


Which was your favorite?  What did I miss here?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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