I’ve frequently mentioned two sites when it comes to finding cheap airfares: The Flight Deal and Google Flights.  I even put together a quick video tutorial on how to use Google Flights.

Well right now Delta and American are in a bit of a fare war for travel to Europe this winter.  You could head to Italy, for example, and see one of my favorite European destinations: Vernazza in the Cinque Terre!


You could go check out Vernazza!

American: Miami-Spain/Milan, from $477

Looks like this one is on sale from early December until early April (with a break for Christmas and New Year’s).  The link details specific dates and pricing for each specific city.

American: Boston-Spain/Italy, from $392

The same dates are out there for this one.  It looks like fares are available to Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, and Rome.  Absolutely fantastic fares to relatively temperate destinations during the colder months.

Delta: Seattle-Sweden, from $448

Seattle to Gothenburg or Stockholm.  While Sweden might be particularly cold and/or dark during the winter, it’s a great jumping off point for the rest of Europe from the West Coast.

Delta: Philadelphia-Rome, from $412

Yet another great fare to Rome from Delta.


A note about these prices

  • No, they’re not going to be available around Christmas or New Year’s
  • Yes, Europe is cold and dark this time of year
  • You’ll need to have some flexibility with the dates
  • Many of these fares require a 7-day minimum stay
  • If you’re reading this after November 9th, the fares are probably gone

So click the fare that looks best to you and get out there!


Which destination looks best to you?  Did you book any of these fares?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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