I participate in quite a few photography groups on Facebook.  One of them, to which I have access via purchasing Elia Locardi’s Photographing the World tutorials from the Fstoppers store, brought the work of a fantastic Danish photographer, Mads Peter Iversen.

Seljalandsfoss, by Mads Peter Iversen, www.mpiphoto.dk and 500px

Mads produces absolutely epic landscape images from stunning locations all over the world, but his Iceland work is (my opinion) some of his best.

Bruarfoss, by Mads Peter Iversen, www.mpiphoto.dk, 500px

Bruarfoss, by Mads Peter Iversen, www.mpiphoto.dk, 500px

I highly encourage you to visit his website and his 500px gallery to check out some incredible images, but if you’re planning on visiting Iceland soon you have to check out an amazing video series he has put together.

Photographing Iceland Video Series

Mads has gone through considerable effort to put together an incredible how-to series on finding some of his favorite spots in Iceland.  Since some of the spots are surprisingly hard to find, this video series should be considered essential viewing before your photography adventure.  Each video is masterfully produced and honestly is worth the time to watch even if you don’t plan on visiting Iceland, although be careful because you’ll soon want to go!

I’ll link to a couple below, but he is now up to eight episodes, each one showing you his amazing photography and easy to follow instructions on how to get to these wonderful locations.  Subscribe to his YouTube channel to see new episode as he releases them and visit his gallery to purchase prints of his work!

I hope you enjoy these amazing videos!

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