As I mentioned the other day, October was the best month in the history of Andy’s Travel Blog!


While I didn’t pop two bottles of Dom to celebrate I did manage a nice little dinner with someone special to me with a slightly less nice bottle of bubbly.

Anyhoo, I wanted to share with you the five blog posts that had the most pageviews in October in case you missed any of them, enjoy!

5. Awesome pictures of American’s new 787-9 taken from the tarmac at LAX

american airlines 787

I attended the inaugural flight of the new American 787-9 on a quick roundtrip to LAX and during the layover had the chance to go out onto the tarmac to get up close and personal with the new jet!

4. My $28000 First Class Trip around the World

etihad a380 first class review

Last November I gallivanted around the world, redeeming a bunch of miles for some flights in some lovely airline cabins.  From London to the Middle East to Asia to America it was a wonderful trip and it also features some of my best pictures ever!

3. My 5 Favorite Pictures of Singapore

best pictures asia

Singapore is a lovely (if not a little bland) city in southeast Asia.  The only thing more incredible than the humidity is the architecture, which is diverse and enormous.  I take a look at my five favorite pictures in this post.

2. What I Use to Take Pictures and Why None of it Matters

sony g master

I review my current photography setup in this post and make a point about why it doesn’t matter what camera I use and it shouldn’t for you either.

and [drum roll] the number one post on Andy’s Travel Blog in October 2016…

1. Singapore Airlines Suites Class: What It’s Really Like


There’s just something special about Singapore Airlines Suites Class.  People all over the world tuned in to see what it’s really like to fly one of the most iconic products in the sky.


Which was your favorite post from October?  Let me know in the comments below!

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