Soooooooo a little about me.  I have not had cable television for years.  Cutting cable was pretty easy for me because it saved $100/month that could be put towards travel!  Well, that and I had already found my favorite show…in the world.

Top Gear

No no, not the new one with Chris Evans (not Captain America) and Joey from Friends (also not Captain America).

Clarkson, Hammond, and May.

For those of you who have never lived seen Top Gear, it’s a British automotive programme (spelled Britishly) featuring car reviews, epic ridiculous challenges, and somehow it always seemed to have a car involved.  Right, I know, it doesn’t sound that amazing, but it was more of a program about 3 middle-aged men doing life together.  Top Gear captured the spirit of brotherhood, struggle, needless and wanton explosions, and did it in a way that continually engaged the audience and kept them coming back for more.  Oh, it was also filmed all over the world, even in the great US state of Alabama:

But then a fracas happened and the main host was kicked off the show.  The other two left with him.  Where did they go?

Amazon Prime.

Amazon came to them with a bucket of money and signed the trio up for 3 seasons of shows.  The world eagerly awaited 18 months for a peep from the lads, and then we saw the trailer and realized everything was going to be ok:

November 18, 2016 is the release date, but per Jalopnik it turns out the show will be released at 12:01AM GMT on November 18.  This means The Grand Tour will debut in the United States on November 17 at 7pm EST!

If you do not have Amazon Prime, click the link below (it’s an affiliate link) for a free 30-day trial, during which you’ll get to see up to 4 episodes of the Grand Tour!

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

The concept behind the Grand Tour is the three lads we all know and love will be going on a Grand Tour around the world sharing their love of cars and motoring with their fans, so, yes, a post about the Grand Tour DOES belong on a travel blog!


Are you as all-caps excited as I am about the Grand Tour?

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