I’ve long enjoyed Casey Neistat’s videos, way before he started vlogging and all of the accolades which followed.  His Make It Count video is one of my all-time favorites and reinvigorates my yearning to see the world, as I mentioned in my Travel Hype Videos post.

Here’s the Make It Count video, just in case you haven’t seen it.

Back in March 2015 Neistat decided to make a vlog; that is, make a video of his life every day for a year.  Well it ended up going longer than a year and Casey redefined a genre and inspired thousands of other youtubers (and at least one travel blogger…ahem).

Lately his videos slowed to every couple of days and many of us wondered what was going on.  After almost 600 days of posting a video every day, he posted this one today…

I doubt he’ll ever see this post, but just in case he does: Casey, thank you.  Thanks for inspiring all of us to keep creating.  Thanks for your simple motto: work hard and be brave.  You’ve helped keep this blog going without even realizing it.

Oh, if you want to start from the beginning, here’s his very first vlog

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