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The Galleria Mall in Dallas has a massive ice skating rink in the middle of it.  Throughout the year you’ll see people ice skating on the rink, some taking lessons and others just enjoying a nice little skate.

Around Christmas time, though, seemingly every person and their mother come to the Galleria to skate.  Why?  Because there’s a 95-foot Christmas Tree in the middle of the rink.

My office for my real job used to be in an office tower attached to the Galleria so my coworkers and I would see the massive undertaking of building the tree, which takes about 4 days.  That part of the mall has four floors and the tree extends above all of them.

It’s truly a sight to behold, which is why I stopped by the Galleria yesterday to capture this week’s Picture of the Week!


For the photographers: I shot this with my Canon 17mm tilt shift lens.  While I was shooting it I realized that I need to send the lens in for repair, as nothing really ever came into focus.  So while I love the picture I may go back and take another one with my 24mm tilt shift lens, which continues to amaze me daily 🙂


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