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Delta/KLM/Air France have some pretty low fares to northern Italy from DFW right now.  This could be the perfect chance to visit places like Cinque Terre (2.5 hours south of Milan by train), Florence, or even the notoriously expensive Venice!

(you can check out my Venice trip report here)

This fare probably won’t last too long as it appears to be a bit of an anomaly (American is $800 more by comparison).  With these types of fares, if I’m not sure I can go but really want to I’ll usually do the following:

  • If I think I want to take a trip I go ahead and book tickets for a few dates that might work
  • Delta/KLM/Air France have a 24-hour free cancellation policy so I’m welcome to cancel without any impact if none of the dates work

Dallas-Italy, starting at $480 roundtrip

Dates: departing early January 2017-April 6 2017 (late December for about $100 more)

Airline: Delta/Air France/KLM

Destinations: Departing from Dallas you can fly to Milan for $480 and Venice or Florence for about $40 more

Requirements: 7-day minimum stay

How to find: I used Google Flights to find flights and was able to make it to a booking screen on a sample booking

Note: if you’re reading this post after December 7 the fare is probably gone

a screenshot of a flight schedule

I also noticed some slightly more expensive flights available in late December to the same destinations in the low $600s (with the same 7-day minimum stay requirement) in case you wanted to go to Venice for New Year’s!


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