Last Friday I posted a rather short cryptic post about booking a trip that left only four hours later.  And now, as the legendary Paul Harvey would say, the rest of the story.  If you followed me on Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter you’d already know where I went and what I did, so be sure to follow me!

One of my favorite areas of the world is Bavaria, Austria, and Slovenia.  You’ve no doubt seen some of my pictures from Lake Bled, Hallstatt, and a village called St. Gilgen (if you haven’t, there are the links!).  I love this area of the world because, well, look at this picture of St. Gilgen.

a town with trees and mountains in the background

It’s amazing and the views are breathtaking!  I’ve been to this region plenty of times but had never been in the winter when snow blankets the area.  Soooo I decided to fix that.

So what was the trip?  Well, exhausting, but here’s how it went:

  • DFW-FRA on American Airlines in coach on a Saaver off-peak award (ewwww)
  • Drive from Frankfurt to Lake Bled, Slovenia (I do not recommend this)
  • Take pictures of Lake Bled (I recommend this)
  • Drive from Bled to Hallstatt, Austria (I recommend this too)
  • Take pictures of Hallstatt, Austria (I recommend this so hard)
  • Drive from Hallstatt to St. Gilgen (I recommend this strongly)
  • Take pictures of St. Gilgen (Recommended AF)
  • Drive from St. Gilgen back to Frankfurt (I do not recommend this)
  • Go to Lufthansa First Class Terminal (Recommendedville, Population: Me)
  • FRA-DFW on Lufthansa in First Class (recommended, put in italics because I was kind of drunk and said words kind of slurringly)

I did all of that in basically three days.  1100 miles of driving and a whole lot of flying, but was it worth it?

You tell me.  These are some of the best pictures I’ve ever taken, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

a body of water with buildings and mountains in the background

Lake Bled, Slovenia

a lake with a church and mountains in the background

Lake Bled, Slovenia

a town next to a lake

Hallstatt, Austria

a town with snow on the ground

St. Gilgen, Austria

Stay tuned for a great review of an amazing First Class Terminal visit and another wonderful Lufthansa flight!


Which one of these pictures is your favorite?  Whichever gets the most comments below might just be part of a print giveaway!

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