I had seen pictures of it all over the internet: a bridge which made a perfect circle with its own reflection in the water!

The Devil’s Bridge (or, in German, Rakotzbrücke) has been pinterested and social media’d so many times it’s almost ridiculous, but I couldn’t actually find that much information about it aside from its location: near a village called Kromlau in eastern Germany (almost on the border with Poland).

Sooo I was already in Berlin, which is also in eastern Germany…you know what happens next if you’re familiar with the blog…I decided to make the drive out there.

The drive was fairly boring, the only exciting bits being that there were lots of stretches of Autobahnen without speed limits 🙂

There’s a small dirt parking lot once you get to the area of the bridge.  It costs a few euro to park there, which is reasonable given the amount of photographer tourist traffic that passes through.  I packed up all my camera gear, made myself ready for the brutal hike, and then casually walked the 400m or so to the bridge.

Worth. the. trip.

a stone bridge over water

The bridge was made entirely as a work of art, with the basalt columns on either side having been brought in from all over Saxony to help build it.  The bridge is so perfectly designed that from almost any angle you still see a perfect circle when combined with the reflection in the lake.

It’s a small lake, and easy to walk around, so I took a walk to try to find the best angle possible.

a stone bridge over a body of water

a stone arch over water

And, just because I still love my Bluffworks blazer, took what probably passes for a subpar marketing picture for them.

a man sitting on a bench by a lake

Once I exhausted all of my land-based shot possibilities I may have sent up my drone for a different perspective.

a bridge over a river surrounded by trees

It was a quick visit and, sure, both the water levels and the weather could’ve been much better, but then again this bridge is out in the middle of nowhere (compared to where I usually travel).  If you’re ever in the area, though, it’s a can’t-miss place!

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