An alert blog reader sent me a link to an absolute catastrophe of a propaganda video from Delta (One Mile at a Time also covered it):

What a whiny, miserable, stupid, lazy, clickbait, factless, baseless, useless, hopeless, pile of non-family-friendly word garbage.  And I almost feel bad for calling it garbage because that’s an insult to the millions of tons of garbage we produce every day.

Here are the points the poor flight attendant had to run through:

  1. ALL US airline employees could be out of work in just a few years
  2. Three Middle Eastern airlines (Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar) are illegally subsidized by their governments
  3. These governments give their airlines billions of dollars so they can lower ticket prices
  4. Middle Eastern airlines don’t have to make a profit because they will never run out of money
  5. Other airlines are following the rules and are losing business solely because they’re following the rules
  6. US carriers have had to cut international routes because they can’t afford to compete in those markets
  7.  1500 Americans (you read that right) lose their jobs for every route that is canceled
  8.  If US carriers keep cutting routes the military won’t be able to keep us safe
  9.  The USA has Open Skies agreements which apparently restrict these sort of subsidies
  10.  This is scary and it’s not simple
  11.  Air Canada added international flights
  12.  If the Canadians can do it WE CAN TOO
  13.  By visiting Delta’s propaganda website you can save America
  14.  This is political but somehow isn’t politics

Where do I even begin?

Maybe calling the video “Our future, our fight” wasn’t the best idea in light of recent events

One of these poor US airlines whose entire existence is threatened by three airlines had an incident where a passenger was beaten aboard its aircraft due to the actions of said airline.  Although I guess they could’ve moved on from that fight and are back focusing on This New Fight again.

There is no possible way for every single airline employee to lose their job

The Delta employee says competition is a good thing, yet the US domestic air market is completely monopolized by US carriers who cannot accept foreign investment.  This is an absurd statement designed to scare you into doing whatever the lady says to do in order to fix it.  Also Delta should be embarrassed to say that their business model is completely subject to international competition from Middle East carriers.  What a stupid thing to say when they’re making money hand over fist right now.  Somehow one of America’s most respected companies managed to sound like a South Park clip:

The Obama administration chose not to act on these “illegal” subsidies

They had the chance and they chose not to.

US carriers get billions in subsidies too

The US carriers are in the biggest glass house possible throwing the biggest stones possible.  Tax breaks, municipal contributions to expand terminals, etc. are subsidies of equivalent (or more) value to what the Middle East Three are receiving.

Delta didn’t mention SkyTeam member Saudia (who is Middle Eastern and therefore scary according to Delta logic) nor China Eastern, in whom Delta has an ownership stake

Don’t expect Americans to believe half-truths.  The whole truth is you picked and chose which countries and airlines you wanted to criticize while ignoring blatant red flags that are either part of your investment portfolio or your airline alliance.

1500 Americans are not tied to the existence of each individual single international route

Plus I wonder how many jobs were lost when Delta decided to cancel their 787 Dreamliner order with Boeing and instead went with Some Foreigners at Airbus for their A350?

Middle Eastern airlines are not the reason US airlines are losing business

The real reason US carriers are losing business is the gigantic race to the bottom that all three big US carriers seem to be winning in their own special unique way: United with the unhappiness of their crew and the beating of their customers, American with further squeezing of passengers by adding more seats to their already-cramped 737s and their wanton and vicious devaluations to their once-proud AAdvantage program, and Delta with the wholesale slaughter of the SkyMiles program to the degree they even stopped publishing an award chart because why should you have any right to know what a SkyMile is worth?

The military will be able to position soldiers just fine

Give me a freaking break, how low do you have to be to make an argument like this?

This isn’t scary, it’s business

Quit serving a steaming pile of garbage to your customers every time they fly and you’d be amazed how quickly we’d be willing to pay more.  Shove me into a 777-300ER with 10-abreast seating for a 16 hour flight in a 17″ wide seat and you’ve made your choice.

Maybe don’t allow comments for videos like this

This is the first video I’ve ever seen on YouTube not to get even a single like.  Delta is getting eviscerated in the comments as well.

Quit talking to people like they’re idiots

Don’t insult the intelligence of the American people.  We’re the ones who actually pay money to fly on the airlines you’re saying need to survive and we’re MISERABLE.  Basic Economy fares, snack baskets in first, reduced legroom, checked baggage fees, they’re all designed to suck away either our money or our comfort.  And then you turn around and desperately ask for our help and for us to feel sorry for you?


Ok I’ve calmed down

This is simply the worst video about this stupid fight that I’ve ever seen.  Delta should know better.  Their customers certainly do.  Delta, earn the loyalty of your customers.  Quit hiding behind the government and getting other people to fight your battles for you (insert United joke).

Good grief.


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