Los Angeles is synonymous with traffic.  If you don’t believe me, just try to get, well, really anywhere by taking the 405, it’s almost impossible.  Likewise, Los Angeles International Airport is known for it’s traffic problems.  It’s not uncommon to land at LAX and be sent on the dreaded Hey Taxi Around For A Bit While We Try To Find A Gate For You There’s An In-N-Out On Sepulveda If You Get Hungry journey since there isn’t an open gate for your flight.

My buddy Mike and I went out to do some planespotting at LAX the other day and I captured an image that sums up the traffic issue at LAX: plane after plane after plane.  The big yellow bus otherwise known as Spirit Airlines was leading the way with Southwest, Virgin, Southwest, Air Tahiti Nui close behind and a Korean Air A380 bringing up the rear.

Efforts are underway to make a new international terminal in the airfield, which should alleviate some of the pain, but ultimately I think it’ll always be pretty crowded getting into LAX.  So anyway this week’s picture of the week is called Traffic Jam at LAX!

a group of airplanes on a runway

For the photographers: I shot this with my Sony a7rII and the Sony 70-200 G Master lens (affiliate links, I’m paid a small commission if you click those links and buy something at the site, thanks for your support!).  Shutter speed was 1/4000 second at f2.8 and ISO 100.  I was also taking pictures of planes taking off and landing, which is why I had the shutter speed so high, I really would’ve preferred shooting this at f8 or so to get the planes in the rear a little more in focus, but oh well.  Not really a ton of post processing for this one, just balancing out some of the colors and cropping a bit.

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