Los Angeles International Airport is probably the best airport in the world for planespotting. Not only can you see a wide variety of aircraft from around the world but there are also numerous vantage points around LAX where you can get absolutely incredible views.

What is planespotting?

Ok so you know how there are people who go out and look for rare birds for no other reason than to take pictures of them or even just to say they saw them?  Oh and also you know how these types of people are widely considered to be the sex symbols of our modern age dweebs?  Planespotting is much of the same.  Basically aviation dorks going to great lengths to see cool aircraft and take pictures of them.

Like I mentioned in my most recent Picture of the Week post I recently got to do some planespotting at LAX with my buddy Mike, one of the most well-known planespotters after his Wake Turbulence and Airportraits series made the rest of us feel like noobs.

Anyway, the light was absolutely beautiful and we caught some really unique planes either landing from or taking off to destinations around the world and I thought you’d enjoy some of my favorites!  I tried to work on my panning shots and had pretty good success!

Aeroflot 777 taking off for Moscow

ANA 777 landing from Tokyo

China Eastern 777 landing from (I believe) Shanghai

Air New Zealand 777 taking off for Auckland

Etihad 777-200LR taking off for Abu Dhabi

American Airlines A321 taking off for Honolulu

And, last but not least, the Queen of the Skies.

KLM 747


Which was your favorite? Tell me in the comments below!

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