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It’s been raining in Dallas lately, which matches very well with the blistering heat to make for some lovely humidity omg it’s awful.  While the humidity is less than wonderful the rain made for some great photography opportunities over the weekend.

There was a vicious rain storm that passed through yesterday afternoon but I noticed it starting to clear just before sunset so I grabbed my photography gear, threw on some old shoes, and hiked through some mud to a great photography spot along the Trinity River.  You can see the light from the sunset reflecting off the buildings of the Dallas skyline while the fierce remnants of the storm are behind it.  I thought the contrast made for a really interesting picture so it’s this week’s Picture of the Week!

For the photographers: This was shot at F22 to capture the stars coming from the lights.  If it wouldn’t have been still raining I would’ve taken an image at f22 for the light stars and another at f8 to blend together for maximal sharpness, but oh well.  The exposure was somewhere around 4 seconds I believe and was taken with my Sony a7rII and the 24-70mm GM lens at 70mm.


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