The Trinity River Project in Dallas is part of a dramatic re-imagining of its downtown corridor.  As I tried to show in my Dallas Altitude project, the assortment of new buildings, parks, and bridges have added an artistic flair that has set the Dallas skyline apart as one of the greatest and most recognizable in the United States.  Ok yeah yeah I’m biased I know, but still.

Part of the Trinity River Project is connecting areas on the other side of the riverbed with downtown Dallas in an effort to make jobs and commerce more accessible for areas of high unemployment.  The first of these bridges, the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, has been the subject of many Pictures of the Week (most recently here).  The second bridge, most of which was completed earlier this year, is named after Margaret McDermott, one of Dallas’s most beloved philanthropists (a resolution naming April 21 Margaret McDermott Day in Dallas was famously held up by the city commissioner, who wanted to add even more accomplishments to recognize her in the written part of the resolution).

Similar to the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, the McDermott Bridge is a Calatrava-designed suspended arch bridge.  The McDermott has arches which run parallel to the roadway unlike the Hill, whose arch you drive beneath when crossing the bridge.  Anyway, I thought it was time to feature Dallas’s newest piece of artchitecture (haha see what I did there) for this week’s Picture of the Week!

For the photographers: This was shot with a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone.  The touchup wasn’t that difficult, as the sensor on the Phantom’s camera is pretty capable and the 3-axis gimbal does a great job of stabilizing for longer exposures like this (half of a second).  What I liked about this picture was the sky above downtown with the dramatic clouds so I tried to accentuate those a bit while at the same time filling the foreground with something of interest.


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