Disclaimer: Bluffworks and I have worked together in the past where they have provided me with free gear for me to write about on the blog.  They sent me a shirt to test in advance of the Kickstarter project.  They have neither reviewed nor edited any of the opinions I’ve written and all opinions, as always, are my own.

Bluffworks is doing it again.  First, they ambitiously took on pants, the result being some of my favorite travel pants in the world (I tested them by doing a sudden trip to Hong Kong and the Great Wall of China).  Then, even more ambitiously, they re-invented the blazer and came out with a blazer so durable I couldn’t even break it with a 405-pound deadlift.

Bluffworks decided to take on the shirt.  The result?  The brand new Meridian Dress Shirt.

As always, Bluffworks designs their clothing to be equally comfortable on the road as they are in the office, and this shirt is no different.  Made of a 98% polyester/2% spandex (for a 2-way mechanical stretch), the Meridian Dress Shirt is breathable, light, and antimicrobial so you can wear it over and over again without the need to wash it.  The best part is it manages to still feel like a shirt and not like other synthetic materials, the wear-feel is really solid.

When it comes time to wash, simply through it in the machine, hang up, and you’re ready to go again in a few hours, no wrinkles to worry about.

Not only is it versatile and durable, but one of the little things I like is the pocket is pattern-aligned, blending naturally into the rest of the shirt.  It will ship with metal collar stays as well.

My buddy Stefan from Bluffworks was kind enough to send over a sample of the shirt for me to test out and I thought I’d take it someplace and get a picture of me wearing it for you.  Singapore seemed to be the right kind of place.

The great news about Bluffworks is they keep their promises and every one of their Kickstarter projects have funded well above their goal (and so indeed has the shirt already!).  Give the link a click to see more about the shirt and back the project!

I can’t wait to get a production copy of the shirt to give you my full review and see what sort of crazy test I can come up with for another epic test!

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