I’ve always had a weird fascination with North Korea. I’ve never been there but it’s been on my list. There are 5-6 books about North Korea on my bookshelf, most written by people who escaped the Kim regime.  There are lots of strong opinions about the ethics of traveling to North Korea but that’s not really the purpose of this article.

I’m also an aerial photography enthusiast and love seeing the world from above (you hopefully remember my Dallas Altitude project).

Recently, Singaporean native Aram Pan combined both of these interests.  A frequent visitor to the DPRK, he received authorization to fly his ultralight aircraft over the capital city of Pyongyang.  He made sure to load up camera-wise, taking with him a 360-degree camera as well as a few stills cameras.  You can see the individual photos at the NK News story about the flight (some of the photos are pretty stellar for also having to fly an ultralight at the same time).

The 360-degree video is worth a watch, I’ll embed it below:

Again, I know this can be a contentious topic, but it fascinates me and I think it’s one of the better uses for 360-degree video I’ve seen to date.

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