Well they’ve done it again. Singapore Airlines unveiled an incredible new Suites Class aboard their A380 aircraft, starting with their Singapore-Sydney service in December.

(I’ve flown in their existing Suites Class a few times and posted a good quality summary of the experience here)

Until now Etihad was probably king of A380 First Class but no longer.  This product looks incredible.

The Suite

Singapore will just have six suites in the new Suites Class, on the top floor of the A380.  Each suite will have its own leather recliner and bed.

I mean good grief look at that.  I know what you’re thinking, and I completely agree: how did they make the bed so unwrinkled like that?  Oh, and probably also oh my gosh that’s amazing.

In addition to being larger than some Manhattan apartments, the suite also features a 32″ HD television.

(sorry for the text in the bottom left, I took this from Singapore’s site)

One of my favorite parts about the previous generation of Suites Class was the ability to convert adjoining suites into a twin bed for you and your traveling companion.  Or, if you’re a travel blogger, just for you.


Anyway, the same thing will be possible in the new Suites Class.

Each suite will have nice little amenities and customizable whatnots, with new amenity kits that are sure to be world class.

The lavatories will not feature showers, but instead are some of the nicest washrooms I’ve ever seen.  Not just on a plane, but ever.

I’m gobsmacked.  It just looks perfect.  There will be plenty more pictures to come, and I’m sure someone else (who is likely, you know, a paying customer) will beat me to reviewing it, or they’ll just steal my paragraphs and pictures anyway.  All I can say is I cannot wait to try this.  Problem is, I’ll probably have to, as the whole traveling world will no doubt want to be first.

So the bar has been raised, and it would appear to be Emirates turn next.  While they will no doubt impress, there appears to be a new king in town.  If you’d like to share a joke with your traveling partner only to have them politely laugh and read a magazine, this new Suites Class looks to be for you.


What do you think about the new Suites Class?  Are you going to fly it soon?  Can I come?  Let me know in the comments below!


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