This was shared on Twitter last night and I thought you’d all appreciate it.

Yesterday American Airlines flight 2459 departed from Los Angeles International Airport en route to DFW International Airport.  The flight was operated by a Boeing 787-9, one of American’s best jets (in my opinion).  I was actually on this flight fairly recently on my way back from Sydney (it’s operated by the same 787-9 as the SYD-LAX flight).

american airlines 787

This was a special flight.  It was Captain Jeff Rowland’s final flight as a captain at American Airlines after 33 years and 28000+ flight hours.  Now retirement flights are not necessarily uncommon, but Ross Feinstein shared the following on Twitter, a letter written by the captain and distributed to passengers of the flight.  Captain Rowland’s letter to his passengers just warmed my heart and reminded me of all the good people working in the merciless airline industry today to take people like us around the world safely and, sometimes, comfortably.

I’ll paste the picture of the letter below, again originally sourced by Ross Feinstein on Twitter (at least that’s where I saw it for the first time):

Congratulations on your retirement Captain!  Congratulations on an impressive and safe career and I have no doubt your passengers knew how much you cared for them.

Just a Monday morning smile for everyone!

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