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It’s picture of the week time and honestly this one isn’t the best.  Yesterday afternoon I looked up into the sky as some F15s flew by (in advance of Vice President Pence visiting Dallas) and thought to myself “hmmm, those clouds just might portend a really nice sunset.”  My secondary thought was “hey why do my inner thoughts use words like ‘portend’, I must be a genius!” right about the time I tripped on a pretty obvious brick on the sidewalk, disproving my secondary thoughts…#fail.

Anyway, I got home and checked my favorite Sunset Awesomeness Predictor website (www.sunsetwx.com) and everything looked good.  I grabbed my Sony a7rIII and two lenses: the 24-70GM and the 70-200GM.  There’s a particular parking garage in Dallas I’ve been to a few times (I think I’ve even had a POTW from there before).  I knew the type of shot I was looking for and really really needed the clouds to color up a little bit from the sunset.  So I got to my spot, set up my tripod, aaaaaaaaaaand…nothing.  Ok, not quite nothing, it’s not a terrible picture but it wasn’t really epic in my opinion.  I grabbed the 70-200 and did a 5-shot panorama and this was the initial result I got.

See?  Not terrible but there wasn’t really anything that grabbed my attention about it.  Technically I guess it was well exposed, sharp (with the exception of one of the shots…#secondfail).  So what did I do?  Well, I needed to post a Picture of the Week so I tried to make it a little more lively in Photoshop by accentuating the sky, cropping it in a little bit, and emphasizing the “smoothness” of the scene, if that makes any sense.

Honestly I’m still not sure if I’m crazy about it, but then again I want these Pictures of the Week to be (mostly) pictures I’ve taken the previous week and sometimes the great photo just isn’t there…blame the photographer.  So here’s what I was able to do with the above picture, and I think I may have overcooked it a little bit.  Let me know in the comments below!


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